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It is undeniable the textile industry has a huge impact on the world’s pollution and attribution to waste. It is the second largest polluting industry in the world, with an estimated 85% of all textile going to the dump each year. That is a full garbage truck worth of clothing burned or dumped every second.

Now, what if the way you shop could help change the world?

Here at Second Launch, we are committed to minimizing waste by focusing on slow fashion and reducing emissions through the promotion of existing products. By extending the life cycle of sustainable, unsold items, we help keep them in use longer, gradually reducing our environmental impact and encouraging a zero-waste lifestyle.

Second Launch partners exclusively with ethical and sustainable brands, ensuring that the products you purchase are sourced and produced with recyclable materials and ethical practices.

We aim for zero-waste to be more than just a trend; we want it to become a fundamental shift in the industry. Join us in being part of the solution. Choose responsibly and help give these products a second chance.


Second Launch® was founded in 2021 in Oslo, Norway by Yanica Nathalie Lazare, whose 20+ years in the fashion industry inspired her to take a stand and focus on implementing solutions and raising awareness about environmental crises.

“At Second Launch®, our goal is to take meaningful actions based on our values. If we all help each other achieve the small things, together we can create significant change.”


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