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These beautiful and elegant earrings from CANO is made out of upcycled brass and is three times gold-plated with 14k gold to give the earrings a hammered, shiny surface. Made together with an independent workship of young Mexican artisans, this minimalistic design makes it the perfect accessory all season round.


These gorgeous pieces are handcrafted. Variation may occur on workmanship and finishing. 

Alejandra Gold Earrings HAMMERED

kr 549,00Price
  • CANO gold jewelry items are gold plated, which means that a thin layer of 14k gold is plated over the upcycled brass that it is made of. Extra care should be taken to maximize the lifespan and keep the layer of gold looking good.

    After every use, clean your gold-plated jewelry with a soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt. Gently rubbing your jewelry with a soft cloth helps restore the shine of the item. You can use just a bit of alcohol to gently clean the pieces and disinfect them. Do not use a polishing cloth - this can strip away the gold layer.

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